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Jane Leonard of Yesteryears Genealogy

Yesteryears Genealogy was founded by Jane Leonard, who’s fascination with her own family’s history was initially fuelled by her fathers’ stories of the past and recollections that family elders relayed about bygone times.

After spending several months conducting research, spending hundreds of pounds on subscriptions & certificates and using helpful tips from others, her family tree was built.

Jane says:

“It`s a fascinating experience going back through the ages, learning about your ancestors` lives. Generation after generation, gradually piecing everything together so that you can follow their lives through the century’s to discover where and how they lived their lives.

Having researched my own family tree and helping friends with their family histories, I left my career in Social Care behind to move into a career in genealogy. I am committed to Continuing Professional Development and am working towards a Higher Certificate and Diploma in Genealogy from the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (IHGS).

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